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iSTART: Individualized Self-management Training for Adolescent/Young Adult Recipients of Transplantation

Nonadherence to immunosuppressant medications is common among adolescent liver transplant recipients, and is a leading cause of chronic rejection and graft loss. In the event of graft failure, pediatric liver transplant recipients will either die or require retransplantation. Emerging evidence suggests that interventions delivered using web-based and cellphone technology are met with high satisfaction and have improved medication adherence in adolescent/young adults with other childhood diseases. Tailored interventions allow for the provision of behavior change information that is adapted to fit the unique characteristics, motivation and behavioral patterns of an individual.

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Parents and Baby

Sarah J. Clark, M.P.H.

Sarah J. Clark, MPH, is Associate Research Scientist in the Department of Pediatrics. She also serves as Associate Director of the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital National Poll on Children’s Health. Her current work focuses on immunization policies at the state and federal level; physician knowledge, attitudes, and practices related to child health; parental perspectives on child health; and evaluation of Medicaid policy and programs.

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Research from the National Poll on Children's Health

Teens and parents agree: Place restrictions on e-cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes (also called “e-cigarettes” or “vapes”) were introduced in the United States in 2006. Our Polls in 2010 and 2013 found high levels of concern among U.S. adults about the potential for teens to become attracted to e-cigarettes. Other recent national data have confirmed that increasing numbers of teens are trying e-cigarettes. In September 2015, we asked parents of teens age 13-18 and teens themselves about their opinions on e-cigarettes, and their views about various restrictions that have been suggested for these products