Staff Spotlights

David Sandberg, PhD and his team, Melissa Gardner, MA, Behzad Sorouri Khorashad, MD, and Zoe Lapham, BS work together with colleagues here at Michigan Medicine, nationally, and internationally to improve healthcare for those affected by congenital conditions affecting reproducti

Using national insurance claims data, we found that private insurance and Medicare Advantage plans paid 61-74% of the cost of ivermectin prescriptions for COVID-19, or about $36 to $36 per prescription. As a result of this coverage, we estimate that U.S.

Sarah Clark and her team have won the 2020 CHEAR Community Award for continuing to dedicate themselves to improving the lives and health of the people of the State of Michigan.
Anna Kauffman has won the 2019 CHEAR Community Award for being an indispensable member of the CHEAR staff. Her incredible knowledge about computing, web development, and communications has been a valued asset that not only contributes to the great work done by faculty and staff, but also contributes to a culture of learning and CHEAR’s overall mission.

Ashley Garrity and Valerie Gavrila, winners of the 2018 CHEAR Community Award, are members of the CHEAR Service Committee. Their work furthers CHEAR’s outreach into the local community while uniting the busy faculty and staff of the center.