Staff Spotlight: Anna Daly Kauffman

Staff Spotlight

Anna Kauffman has won the 2019 CHEAR Community Award for being an indispensable member of the CHEAR staff. Her incredible knowledge about computing, web development, and communications has been a valued asset that not only contributes to the great work done by faculty and staff, but also contributes to a culture of learning and CHEAR’s overall mission. All of CHEAR has benefited from her willingness to contribute her time, analytic thinking, clear communication and commitment to finding solutions. Congratulations Anna!


Anna Daly Kauffman

Anna Daly Kauffman

Database Programmer/Analyst Intermediate

Anna is a programmer and provides technical support for the Healthy Michigan Voices project led by CHEAR Investigator Sarah Clark, and is a technology consultant for the research team led by Dr. Susan Woolford. She holds a Master of Science degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Eastern Michigan University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Bowling Green State University. Anna relentlessly follows Cleveland baseball and tries to keep up with her two young daughters.



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