Physician Global Assessment Colonoscopy Score (PGA-CS)

Project start date and end date: 9/1/2017 to 8/31/2019

Mucosal healing is widely recognized as the gold standard for assessing Crohn’s disease (CD) activity. Existing indices for assessing mucosal healing such as the simple endoscopic score for CD (SES-CD) are cumbersome and not commonly used in practice. An easy endoscopic score is needed for large clinical registries and pragmatic trials. We developed the physician global assessment colonoscopy score (PGA-CS), a new streamlined score to facilitate standardization of recording mucosal healing assessment.


  • Aim 1. To determine the association between PGA-CS and SES-CD scores
  • Aim 2. To determine the perceived usability of the PGA-CS

Research Topics & Methods:

  • The study proposes to recruit patients with known or suspected CD undergoing colonoscopy for clinical indications.  Video recordings of colonoscopies will be de-identified and evaluated by central readers (attending pediatric gastroenterologists) who are blinded to patient information. Central readers will score each video for SES-CD and PGA-CS. Correlation between total scores (averaged across readers per patient), and inter-rater reliability will be assessed.

Once validated, the PGA-CS will provide a measure of mucosal healing that is easy to use in practice. If successful, we expect the PGA-CS to help facilitate the inclusion of routine colonoscopic evaluations into prospectively maintained clinical registries, and by providing an easy method for assessing mucosal healing as an outcome measure in pragmatic trials, both of which will improve the quality of data for informing the clinical care of pediatric patients with Crohn’s disease.

The project is funded by Pediatric Resource Organization for Kids with Inflammatory Intestinal Diseases (PRO-KIIDS).

Acham Gebremariam; Sally J. Eder; Andrew A. Singer; Lee Bass; Jeffery D. Lewis; Joseph A. Picoraro; Kelly C. Sandberg; Christopher J. Moran; Haley C. Neef; Shehzad Saeed; Alka Goyal; Joel Rosh; Ila Moncion; Kelley R. French; Athos Bousvaros; George Zacur

Project Manager:
Ila Moncion

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