The CHEAR Center features a skilled technical staff who support faculty projects, including data analysts, project managers, research assistants, data collection experts and support personnel. University of Michigan graduate and undergraduate students, as well as medical students and residents, frequently participate in CHEAR Center studies.

 Research Staff

  • Lisa Cohn
    Lisa Cohn
    Senior Programmer Analyst
  • Anne Cowan
    Anne Cowan
    Senior Research Area Specialist
  • Emily Dhadphale
    Emily Dhadphale
    Research Area Specialist Intermediate
  • Jacob Dwyer
    Jacob Dwyer
    Graphic Designer
  • Sally Eder
    Sally Eder
    Research Assistant
  • Melissa Gardner
    Melissa Gardner
    Research Assistant
  • Ashley Garrity
    Ashley Garrity
    Research Area Specialist Intermediate
  • Acham Gebremariam
    Acham Gebremariam
    Senior Programmer Analyst
  • Hannah Jary
    Hannah Jary
    Public Health Informatics Analyst
  • Anna Daly Kauffman
    Anna Daly Kauffman
    Web Designer/Administrator Senior
  • Brian Madden
    Brian Madden
    Research Area Specialist Intermediate
  • Julie McCormick
    Julie McCormick
    Research Area Specialist Senior
  • Angela Rose
    Angela Rose
    Research Associate
  • Sara Schultz
    Sara Schultz
    Research Area Specialist Associate
  • Caroline Shevrin
    Caroline Shevrin
    Technical Writer Senior
  • Dianne Singer
    Dianne Singer
    Project Manager
  • Derek Van, Jr.
    Derek Van, Jr.
    Database Analyst/Programmer
  • Additional Research Staff

    Shurooq Hasan
    Research Area Specialist Intermediate

    Rory Menzer
    Research Area Specialist

Administrative Staff

  • Deb Zolikoff
    Deb Zolikoff
    Division Administrator
  • Carrie Brown
    Carrie Brown
    Assistant Division Administrator
  • Hillary Edwards
    Hillary Edwards
    Primary Care Project Coordinator
  • Viola Hebert
    Viola Hebert
    Administrative Assistant
  • Sheng Koivu
    Sheng Koivu
    Administrative Assistant
  • Kyle Palmer
    Kyle Palmer
    Administrative Project Coordinator
  • Brad Peters
    Brad Peters
    Administrative Assistant
  • Terri Sanders
    Terri Sanders
    Financial Consultant Health
  • Bruce Skinner
    Bruce Skinner
    Administrative Assistant
  • Becky Smith
    Becky Smith
    Accountant Associate
  • Additional Staff

    Kristin Poole
    Grant Administrator